Sunday, October 28, 2012

Energy Generation: Seagen Wave Power

Marine Current Turbines Ltd is an independent company dedicated to developing a revolutionary technology for large-scale generation of clean electricity from the seas. MCT's patented technology is a submarine tidal current turbine based on using pitch regulated axial flow rotors, which has proved to be the successful formula for the vast majority of wind turbines and which seems likely to be the definitive solution for water current energy conversion too.

An experimental 300kW (kilowatt) test system, called "Seaflow" was successfully installed off Lynmouth in Devon in May 2003 and continues to deliver vital data. This is the world's first successful offshore tidal turbine and is the first step in developing this entirely new clean method of power generation. Seaflow is unique among "wet renewable" technologies in having met its design specification in full (it has actually exceeded its rated power of 300kW and consistently exceeded its rotor design efficiency) as well as having remained operable in open sea exposed conditions for almost three years.

The commercial prototype known as "Seagen" is presently under construction and due for installation in Strangford Narrows, Northern Ireland in the late summer of 2006. The design process has been validated by the leading marine classification agency, DNV (Det Norsk Veritas) with a view to developing and obtaining type approval for the MCT Seagen turbine system.
The Seagen twin rotor turbines, rated at approximately 1MW (megawatt), incorporate a patented system for raising the rotors and power train above the surface of the sea for ease of maintenance. It is hoped that the first commercial demonstration array will be installed by the end of 2008. MCT is also exploring opportunities for demonstration projects in other parts of the world including North America and S E Asia in parallel with the first UK commercial array. MCT also has plans for more advanced "Second Generation" technology which can be scaled to higher (or lower) power levels than Seagen and applied in a greater range of flow conditions.

MCT is dedicated solely to the development of commercially viable marine current turbines and has a number of commercial strategic partners and shareholders, including EDF Energy, Guernsey Electricity, BankInvest, Seacore and Bendalls Engineering.The Seaflow project was financially supported by the UK DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) and the European Commission and Seagen is also being supported by the DTI.

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The kilowatt (symbol: KW) is a unit for measuring power equal to one thousand watts. Or enough to electricity to power 50 x 20 watt low energy light bulbs.

The megawatt (symbol: MW) is a unit for measuring power equal to one million watts. Or enough to electricity to power 50 thousand x 20 watt low energy light bulbs.

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