Sunday, October 28, 2012

Energy Generation: Sperboy Wave Power

SPERBOY™, developed and patented by Embley Energy, is a floating wave energy converter based on the 'oscillating water column' principle. Air displaced by the oscillating water column is passed through rectifying turbine-generators. Designed to be deployed in large arrays 8 to 12 miles off shore providing large-scale energy generation at a competitive cost.

With a minimum number of moving parts, which are above the surface of the sea, maintenance requirements are minimised and energy is produced at a very competitive rate. Current research is looking to extend the life of the vessel to some 50 years and includes several initiatives to deliver higher levels of power. Consequently the device has considerable potential for further reducing the cost of delivered power.

The absence of large quantities of invasive products such as oils and lubricants coupled with minimal impact on seabed ecosystems makes the device environmentally friendly.

SPERBOY™ has completed the Marine Energy Challenge, where independent consultants investigated its performance in terms of power capture as well as carrying out a detailed study of both capital and maintenance costings in arriving at their prediction for the cost of delivered power. The device is now ready to exploit the very successful and encouraging results of this 'Challenge' and will now proceed to the deployment of full-scale prototypes.

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