Sunday, October 28, 2012

Energy Generation: TidEL Tidal Power

SMD Hydrovision has developed a device for the extraction of energy from tidal flows. The TidEL concept consists of a pair of contra-rotating 500kW (kilowatt) turbines, mounted together on a single crossbeam. The complete assembly is buoyant and tethered to the seabed by a series of mooring chains. The mooring system allows the turbines to align themselves down stream of the prevailing tidal flow without requiring any external intervention, providing a reliable and economical way of tracking the alternating tidal flow-cycle. As the system requires no support structure, it can be fitted in any reasonable coastal water depth.

At present SMD Hydrovision is in the process of testing a 10th scale device in a specially developed tidal facility. The results of this testing will feed into the development of a full-scale prototype with 15 meter diameter fixed pitched blades driving the turbine powertrains that are housed within a pod.

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