Monday, December 24, 2012

Electric Car Charging Points

Elektromotive has developed a generic electric vehicle refuelling point called the  Elektrobay which has been designed to be a stylish and durable piece of street furniture. With its contemporary lines it blends in naturally to the surroundings, whether installed at the road side or multistorey car parks.

The elektromotive transport system is secure and extremely user friendly, offering a safe, dedicated power outlet.  The unit can be used by electric scooter, car or van.

To access the Elektrobay the commuter uses an electronic key that communicates wirelessly with the unit. When a valid key is read, the charging post automatically opens the weather proof access panel, where the recharging lead from their electric vehicle can be inserted. Upon closing the access panel, it locks securely and the power is turned on. The Elektrobay is a very safe design and as a security feature, once the access panel is closed and the unit charging, it can only be reopened by the same key or by one of the service engineers. When the access panel is reopened the power is automatically cut to allow safe removal of the charging lead.

The unit is fitted with an active display that shows the status of the charging post and is programmed to notify the user when their Elektrobay access is about to expire. It will also show the user’s name and registration number.

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  1. This charging point made ​​by the company Elektromotive fits ideally to the surrounding environment and according to the description of this article also seems to be very practical to use and accessible to every type of electric vehicle. Thanks for reporting and compliments for the blog!