Saturday, December 29, 2012

Electric Van

The Modec van produces no carbon dioxide or other pollutants if using a green energy supplier and is powered using modern battery technology. On a single charge it can cover over 100 miles and reach a top speed of 50 mph carrying a load of up to two tonnes. The van takes 7/8 hours to charge from zero. The batteries require 85kw hrs and current electricity may cost between 5/ 7p per kwh. This means that at 5p it would cost £4.25 to carry 2 Tons over 100 miles at speeds up to 50mph. Whisper quiet, they’re ideal for early morning and late night deliveries in residential or retail areas that might otherwise be prevented by the noise pollution of a conventional vehicle. When the van finally reaches the end of its working life over 90% of each Modec van is recyclable.

Although a good solution, Modec went into administration in 2011.

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  1. This electric van has some really amazing features. Now these means are widely used especially in areas with limited traffic and historical centers of large cities where pollution is greatest. They are used primarily for the transportation and delivery of goods and parcels. Congratulations for the blog!