Friday, December 28, 2012

Energy Storage

Electricity company, E.on, is planning to build a huge battery to store power from sustainable electricity sources. Because sources like wind and solar aren't constantly reliable, some kind of storage is necessary if a 100% sustainable grid is to be created in the future.

E.on's scientists are planning to install the  battery in Nottingham which will be able to hold one megawatt for anything up to four hours. Smaller scale projects have already been underway for some time, but this massive battery should be completed in autumn 2009. Bob Taylor of E.on said, "Green power is only generated from wind farms when the wind blows and that might not be when the power's needed by customers. By researching and developing this battery we can store the power generated by wind farms any time and then use it when our customers need it the most. The storage system will also help the development of localised generation. For example, a school with solar panels can store the power generated at weekends and use it when the kids are back in school."

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