Monday, December 24, 2012

Wind Turbine Wind Sensor

A new laser sensor for Wind Turbines called Vindicator has been developed that detects gusts before they arrive reducing wear and boosts electrical output.

The new system can measure wind speed and direction up to 1000 meters in front of a wind turbine, giving the machine about 20 seconds' advance notice to adapt to gusts and sudden changes in wind direction. The device which is still being tested could improve the efficiency of wind turbines, reduce costs and keep them from breaking down. Wind turbines lose roughly 1 percent of their operating efficiency for every degree their blades are out of alignment with the oncoming wind. It is claimed that the new system can boost output by 10 percent whilst reducing  maintenance costs by up to 10 percent and extending the operating life of a wind farm. 

Current wind-energy measurement systems placed on turbines can be affected by disturbance of air passing by the blades. It is also too late at this stage to change the machine’s position.

Catch the Wind's system is currently being field-tested at the Wind Energy Institute of Canada on the windy shoreline of Prince Edward Island. The beta versions of the device will come in spring 2009 , and commercial production is targeted for late 2010. For more information and to watch a video of the system see


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